AMC + RD Service for U.are.U 4500 Devices



Step 1: Download RD service package and Installation manual.

Step 2: Install RD Service package on the system.

Step 3: After RD Service Installation Go to Installed Folder.

Step 4: Connect the UrU4500 biometric device and run SerialNumberReader.exe file to get the device serial number.

Step 5: Make Payment (Device Serial Number Required)

*Serial Number can be found by running the SerialNumberReader.exe from the RD Service installation folder.
i) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Precision Biometric\PBManagementClient" for 64-bit machine.
ii) "C:\Program Files\Precision Biometric\PBManagementClient" for 32-bit machine.

*RD service will be activate within 48 hrs of payment confirmation.