AMC + RD Service for CSD200 Devices



Step 1: Download RD Service Package and Installation Manual.

ProjectRDS PackageInstallation Manual
State Bank of IndiaSBI RD ServiceManual
Bank of BarodaBOB RDServiceManual
Bank of IndiaBOI RDServiceManual
Allahabad BankAB RDServiceManual
All OthersCommon RDServiceManual

Step 2: Install RD Service package on the system.

Step 3: Make Payment (Device Serial Number Required)

*RD service will be activate within 48 hrs of payment confirmation.

Process to get device Serial Number:

Step 1: After RD Service package installation, connect your Fingerprint device to the system.

Step 2: Navigate to the package installation folder
"C:\Program Files\Precision Biometric\PBManagementClient"
( OR )
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Precision Biometric\PBManagementClient"

Step 3: Run SerialNumberReader.exe to get the serial Number of the Fingerprint Device.